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--- a welcome note from viluy ---

On behalf of the death busters, i welcome you all to MOSAIC BEAUTY, the shrine to the powerful, smart, and most importantly, charming witch with a determination to bring the sailor fighters to a tragic end.

Embrace me for nothing but my irresistibility; or resist, and one day you will surrender.

--- Who am I? ---

As a witch of the death busters, I am here not for the well beings of sailor fighters but for casting hardship on them. My goal is to gather pure hearts from people, such that the pharaoh may awake and dominate the world.

It is always wise to disguise in a non-aggressive form on earth to earn the trust of others, and I am perfectly successful in this matter.  To hide up my power over lives, I disguise myself as a school girl in Mugen College; and I also down play my charm by not wearing my favorite sexy suit, my fighter's suit, but an ordinary school uniform. However, I find it extremely hard to not let others realize my smartness. I run several science clubs in the college, and I am always invited to teach in classes.

However, my disguise doesn't stop here. I am also good at politics. In death busters, I managed to incite a feeling of segregation and grieve in my colleague that I have wished to beat, Kaolinite. My intimacy with Prof. Tomeo has gained me much power in death busters. You can see some more beauty stuff over at this site. As a apparently feeble figure, I admit that I hold too much power that sometimes I am tempted to use them wrongly. For instance, once I have even pissed Kaolinite so much that she could do nothing but to leave the room when I come into a room!

I have four other sister witches, but I suppose you would agree with me that they are neither as powerful, nor as hot as I am, wouldn't you? So I'd save my description for them later.

Now I have the confidence that you should be getting more interested in me. Go ahead, and know more about me! Luvya~

My charm - an irresistible evil alone

Long-awaited is my picture with me dressed in my awesome  battle outfit! Am I pretty? Well, I am asking a silly question because you can't say no. So anyway, here is my appearance. I call my battle outfit the "mosaic suit," since the pattern on it resembles mosaic blocks.

My outfit consists of a hat, breast covers, a tight mini-skirt and a pair of high-heel boots. Certain parts of the outfit bear the same mosaic pattern. You may not realize how this outfit is designed to release my beauty. The mosaic patterns on my breast cover and my mini shirt are of two uses. First of all, they are made of harder materials to give my puny enemies a pain should they have even managed to hit me. Besides, the mosaic patterns highlight so much my developed and beautifully shaped body that male enemies would be still staring at me when they receive fatal attacks from me! To be true, I am so confident that even without these patterns to highlight my beauty, I could still charm male enemies and keep them fascinating until the moment he has got killed. The dark tight part of the outfit, on the other hand, pronounces my slim body to all. The boots and the hat serve little martial purposes, but they add a sense of elegance to my appearance.

The little black star on my necklace is a sign of my affiliation with the death busters. This is what I am proud of! As for my wrist band on my left hand, there is a little secret about it, and I will tell you more about it later on, ok? Hey, sometimes girls like me are more charming when we keep a little trivial secret from you. Don't you think so?

My power - destructive when falls into an evil girl like me

The secret of my power lies in my little arm band on my left hand. Can you all see it? It looks like a no-big-deal accessory of my battle outfit, but actually it consists of an activator that can summon nano robots to destroy my enemies. Yup! These robots are designed by me. Who says that computer scientists cannot be a beautiful woman?

Someone has asked me if I need to get transformed, like the sailor fighters do. No I don't do these silly things! My battle outfit is hidden just underneath my school uniform. When I tear them off, I am ready to give my enemies a nasty feeling.

I am good at fighting. My special attack is called the "mosaic twist." It creates an electric shock to the person who was under my attack. However, I do not simply rely on this special skill of mine. My martial art alone enables me to defeat so many enemies that I have little chance to fully realize my true power!

A final warning: when I am in my battle outfit, I am serious with my business. Don't think I am cute, for you will be disappointed. I guarantee.

Ready to run?

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Why Viluy?

Many might have wonder why I have chosen to set up a shrine to Viluy. Viluy appeared only in one episode. So why's her?

The reason is simply. She is pretty. And I have wondered why I have such a strong feeling for it. I strongly believe that she is appealing to me in all aspects. First, her evilness. I love her eyes when she expresses so much ambition, contempt and yet pride. Not every villain can do such a thing, to be true. Her almost boasting character as a villain makes her so clearly stand out that adds a natural beauty to her. I love her personality too. She is cunning. Definitely. She disguises herself and is able to play so much politics that her power is so stunning even to me. Her outfit is also a perfect one. it just makes her pretty, but not overly sex-appealing. To be honest, I could not even put my eyes off her outfit for the first time I look at her. It looks so elegant that, if there is really one such suit and if I were a girl, I would wear it to make myself the spotlight in a party.

I can't really think of a single aspect that I dislike Viluy. She is perfect. If I were to choose the most appealing aspect, I would say it is her eyes with the evilness within that capture me.

Do you like Viluy? I'd love to hear from you.

Please do me a favor by leaving me a comment!
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